Thinking Vasectomy? Let’s Debunk some Myths!

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vasectomyThe vasectomy procedure is one of the most common to be performed by experienced urologists like Dr. Wierschem and Dr. Hegde. What is interesting, when you consider the reality of this procedure, is that only 9 percent of men in America undergo this form of male birth control. This is far less than that 27 percent of women who seek permanent sterilization with tubal ligation, a far more invasive and risky procedure. Wonder why? We think it could have a little something to do with myths. So let’s look at the truth about the Big V.

Truth #1 – You Keep your Sex Drive
Vasectomy goes nowhere near your ability to get and keep an erection, to climax, or to desire sex. At most, what some men report after their vasectomy is a minor ache every now and then when they become aroused.

Truth #2 – It isn’t as Painful as you Imagine
The area on which a vasectomy is performed is sensitive. We understand that a bit of anxiety may go hand-in-hand with even thinking about this procedure. However, it is necessary to set the record straight about pain. Generally, the procedure involves sensations much like slight tugging as the vas deferens is located and modified. After anesthesia diminishes and feeling is fully restored, the ensuing discomfort is manageable with over-the-counter medication and ice.

Truth #3 – Recovery is Neither Long nor Painful
Men do not only worry that they will experience post-operative pain that is intense or severe; they also worry that pain will linger for many weeks, or that discomfort may keep them from getting back in action. In reality, most patients are back to a high degree of comfort within a week. Remember, the pain that is experienced during this week is mild and manageable! Rest is one of the best things a man can do after his procedure. Hint: schedule your vasectomy to coincide with your favorite playoffs!

There are several important questions we know you will have as you decide if a vasectomy is right for you. To schedule a consultation at Collin County Urology, call  (972) 403-5425.

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