The Case for Vasectomy: What you Need to Know

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vasectomyThe mere idea of having a vasectomy may send shivers down a man’s spine. Sometimes, it is nothing more than downright fear related to having an operation in such a delicate and important area. Sometimes, it is the permanency of this method of birth control that keeps a man weighted down, unable to take steps forward to help himself – and his partner. If this resonates with you, we want to alleviate some of your concern, if we can. Let’s talk about the idea of vasectomy reversal.

  • You can adapt to life changes. Actually, there are two ways a man can ensure his future options. One is to have sperm frozen and preserved for future use. Another is to explore the option of vasectomy reversal. We understand that life can change dramatically, and that such changes can spur couples into the desire for children, or more children. Whatever the reason for the change of heart, we are happy to walk patients through the restoration of fertility.
  • Vasectomy reversal is largely uncomplicated. The initial procedure involves rerouting or clamping the vas deferens in order to prevent sperm from escaping through the testicles. To restore the passageway takes only a short microsurgery procedure. Patients are able to go home the same day of their procedure.
  • Vasectomy does not affect fertility. All the initial procedure does is inhibit sperm from exiting the body in semen. The testicles continue to make sperm long after vasectomy. This is why time does not factor in to the success of the reversal process. A reversal can be effective years after a vasectomy, and a couple may be able to conceive within weeks of the reversal procedure. The body truly is an amazing machine.
  • The important issue of fertility is, well, fertility. A partner’s fertility may change with time. For this reason, it is beneficial to have a thorough examination prior to vasectomy reversal; not just the male partner, but both partners.

The team at Collin County Urology is here to answer questions you may have about vasectomy or vasectomy reversal. To speak with a friendly member of our staff, call 972-403-5425.

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