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What does men’s health consist of?

Men’s health encompasses a large spectrum of urologic issues. Prostate disease, testosterone deficiency, infertility, erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease and ejaculatory disorders are all common complaints seen regularly in our office. Many of these problems are interrelated. Please see our Links page for additional information regarding each of the topics discussed below.

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Prostate Disease

BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) is a non-cancerous growth of the prostate. In many men this enlargement can cause symptoms of urinary frequency and urgency, waking at night to urinate, a weak stream, feeling of incomplete emptying and post-void dribbling. Many men will ultimately require medication, an office based treatment or even a minimally invasive surgical procedure for their symptoms.  On occasion this can be associated with an elevation in the PSA value so it is extremely important to have your symptoms evaluated.

At CCU we offer a broad spectrum of treatments for these symptoms. Medication is often preferred where both prescription and non-prescription herbal remedies are utilized. If medication fails or is not indicated we offer the most sophisticated and effective minimally invasive BPH treatments available.  Office based procedures (Prolieve thermodilation) as well as outpatient laser surgeries (HoLAP and Greenlight) are safe and effective options for these men. Click here to watch Dr. Wierschem discuss and perform the HoLAP procedure on Fox 4 News.

Prostatitis is a chronic inflammatory condition of the prostate that produces symptoms of pain in the penis, scrotum, testicles, lower abdomen and lower back. Blood in the semen and pain with ejaculation may be seen in some patients. Fortunately this condition is effectively treated with medication, diet and behavior modification. Consult your physician if you feel you may be suffering from prostatitis symptoms.

Prostate Cancer is diagnosed in 200,000 men each year and approximately 30,000 men die from it each year. It is usually diagnosed by either an elevated PSA blood test or an abnormal prostate exam. These tests should be performed each year in men beginning at age 50. We recommend beginning at age 35 – 40 in black men or men with a family history of prostate cancer as their risk is higher.

Many excellent treatment options exist that can be discussed in detail with our physicians if this diagnosis is made. We provide all aspects of treatment including DaVinci robotic surgery, IMRT, brachytherapy and cryotherapy.  It is our goal to assist each patient with the most appropriate treatment after a thorough consultation and discussion of options.

Erectile Dysfunction

ED is a very disturbing problem affecting 20 – 30 million men in the United States alone. Although several excellent medications exist for its treatment, it is important to discover the source of the problem if possible. In many instances, ED can be resolved without medication by treating the source. Tobacco use, high blood pressure, low testosterone, obesity, diabetes, prior surgery, depression, alcohol, many medications and stress are all known risk factors. In the rare case that medication is not effective, we offer many other viable options. We have been very successful in bringing men back to having a satisfying sexual relationship with their significant other.

Testosterone Deficiency

This has been an extremely underdiagnosed condition over the years. Millions of men suffer from symptoms of low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, low energy level, tiredness, ejaculatory and fertility disorders that can be traced back to a low blood testosterone level. An early morning blood test for testosterone in our office is extremely helpful in diagnosing this condition. In many cases, testosterone replacement can restore the level back to normal and reverse the symptoms. We offer several highly effective treatments which can be chosen after a thorough consultation with one of our doctors.


The husband is responsible in 50% of infertility cases. A thorough history, physical exam and semen analysis is obtained in most instances. The semen analysis is obtained at home and the results are typically available within 48 hours.

One of the most common findings is a varicocele. This is an enlargement of the veins around the testicle (ususally on the left) creating a higher than normal temperature for sperm maturation which can result in sperm dysfunction. It occurs in 15% of all men and in 40% of infertile males. Semen analysis improves in 70% and pregnancy results within 2 years in 50 – 60% after repair.

We also provide vasectomy reversal procedures. A 2-layer microscopic repair is performed on an outpatient basis. 90% of these procedures will produce sperm in the semen and 50 – 60% result in pregnancy. Please call our office for details.

Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie’s disease is a condition that affects the deep tissues of the penis which can cause it to have an unnatural curvature.  On occasion it can result in pain and erectile dysfunction.  It usually affects men between the ages of 45 and 60, but can occur at any age.   The cause is not known, but researchers believe it may result from injury during intercourse, trauma to the penis, genetic factors or a malfunctioning of the immune system.  Our doctors are experienced in caring for patients who suffer from Peyronie’s disease and offer a wide variety of treatment options.

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