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kegels exerciseMuscles working together properly – that’s the key to bladder control. When your bladder is filling with urine, the bladder muscle should be relaxed and the pelvic floor muscles should be tight. But just like our biceps, these muscles need to exercise in order to stay strong. Do your want the muscles that control your bladder to perform at their expected levels in your every day life? Here’s how they can:

Kick out the kegels

Kegels are specific exercises that can strengthen pelvic floor muscles, which means you can better hold urine inside your bladder and prevent leaking. We talk to our patients about the best ways to find and exercise pelvic floor muscles, and feel free to call or visit us if you have any questions: 972-403-5425.

Kegels should be performed daily

Here are two important reasons why:

  • They can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles so that they are strong enough to prevent urine leakage.
  • With repeated practice, kegels can help you gain control over these pelvic floor muscles in order to quickly engage them. This will decrease the urge and prevent leakage.

There’s more than one way to tame your bladder

You might think that the only way to relieve the urge to urinate is to empty your bladder, but that’s not true. The urge to go can come and go, and is simply a message that eventually you will need empty your bladder. If you have overactive bladder, the urges become commands that you must go now. Kegel exercises can help reduce or eliminate your urges to urinate by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.

Kegels can be easy and effective

Pelvic floor muscle support should improve within about six weeks after starting your exercises. After three months, you should notice significant improvement. So make kegels part of your daily routine. You can do them when you walk, before you cough, as you stand up, before you use the bathroom – almost any time. By making a habit of tightening those muscles, you can find the strength to ignore some of your urges to urinate, without any negative consequences.


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