Testicular Pain? It Could be This.

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Men's Health Plano Most men prefer to ignore the pain of any sort. That being said, pain that centers around the, um, goods, can be incredibly alarming. The first concern that usually coincides with testicular pain is cancer. We’ll lay this to rest right now; pain down there does not necessarily indicate that there is a cancerous growth. There are several reasons that testicular pain may occur. What you need to remember is that pain is meant to be a tool in your arsenal of self-care. Don’t ignore it, even if you think you know the cause.

Inguinal Hernia

Men are relatively prone to a hernia, a condition which an amount of intestinal tissue or fatty tissue pokes through the abdominal wall. It’s not a pretty example, but you could envision a hernia as a sausage with a split casing. Ya. Gross. A hernia may occur in several different areas. An inguinal hernia is one which develops along the seam of the thigh and pelvic region. The nerve path here spans from testicles and the abdomen, which is why pain may be felt directly in the scrotum.

Testicular Torsion

Testicular torsion should not happen. Torsion implies torque, or power and pressure. This is great for the engine of your car, but not for your testicles. Testicular torsion may occur when the spermatic cord twists, obstructing blood flow. This condition causes localized and intense pain in one or the other testicle, not both. The severe pain that occurs from this is nearly impossible to ignore, and you shouldn’t. This problem requires surgery to avoid permanent damage or the loss of the testicle.


Varicocele is not just a painful problem; it is also a common factor in male infertility. This condition essentially means that varicose veins have developed in the scrotum. Discomfort and a sense of fullness typically feel worse at the end of the day, or after long periods of standing. When you sit down, comfort probably improves. That doesn’t mean the problem is not worthy of a visit to your urologist. Early care may enable you to avoid surgery.

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