Your Prostate and the Big C!

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Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that very seldom shows any warning signs, so patients usually are made aware that they have prostate cancer when it is in its advanced stages.  Collin County Urology understands that early detection is the key to beating cancer.

Because of this we recommend to our patients yearly PSA blood tests and prostate exams especially to those who have genetic predisposition to getting prostate cancer.  Although it cannot tell for certain if you have it, the change in the normal values of your PSA is a very good indication that you may have prostate cancer.  If there is an increase in the normal values of your PSA, our experts will recommend screening for prostate cancer so that proper treatment can be received once it is detected early.

I always tell my patients to come in for a prostate cancer screening when they feel any abnormal symptoms especially in their urinary activity.  If you feel the frequent need to urinate at night, when you are having difficulty starting and stopping your urine stream, and if you have a weak but uninterrupted stream of urine then you might consider having yourself screened for prostate cancer.  Also, when you leak urine whenever you laugh or cough, when you find it difficult to urinate while standing up, when you feel a burning sensation when urinating or ejaculating, and especially when you see blood in your urine or in your semen, then it’s time to come in for a consultation.  Putting off screening is delaying treatment.  It’s best to treat prostate cancer early for better chances of beating it.

If you suspect that you have prostate cancer, call us today at 972-403-5425 to schedule your screening at the Collin County Urology.

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