Tips for Keeping your Prostate in Tip-Top Shape

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prostate cancerThe prostate performs an important function in male health: fertility. It is in the prostate where semen is produced. In recent years, we have gained an extensive amount of information regarding prostate health, the risks for prostate cancer, some alarming statistics, and, fortunately, how to minimize the risk of this serious form of cancer.

The CDC states that prostate cancer is the #2 cancer for men in our country. After the age of 60, a man’s risk or this disease increases substantially, so aging well is an important priority that extends beyond looking good or maintaining higher levels of energy. According to statistics, 6 out of 100 men in their sixties will develop prostate cancer during that decade of life.

One of the valuable areas of discovery related to prostate cancer risk is that diet really can play a role in keeping a man in the low-risk category. Here are some easy ways to mitigate your risk:

  • Pass the pasta sauce, please! Studies have found that the lycopene in tomatoes (or any red fruit or vegetable, including watermelon) has cancer-preventing capabilities. Pasta sauce, especially homemade types, is ideal because the tomatoes are cooked, and research has demonstrated that cooking increases the absorption rate of lycopene in the body.
  • Don’t skimp on salads. Men, in particular, are not known for their inherent love of salads. Truth be told, loading up on fresh fruits and vegetables has been found a great way to lower the risk of prostate cancer, as well as other forms of cancer. This is because the compounds in fruits and vegetables, green leafy vegetables, in particular, break down carcinogens before they can affect cells.
  • Calling all Joe’s! Many people start their day with a hot, steaming cup of coffee. The more research that has been conducted, the more we have learned that coffee-drinking can actually be quite the nice little habit. Of course, there are other factors besides prostate health to take into account, but research indicates that four to five cups of coffee a day can decrease prostate cancer risk.

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