Prevention is the Best (Prostate) Medicine

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Prostate Cancer Plano, TXMen with a family history of prostate conditions such as enlarged prostate or prostate cancer are usually interested in knowing whether or not they can reduce their risk of developing such health problems as they age. A brief conversation with your general health care provider may end in a list of foods that may aid in this achievement. However, research has been inconclusive in its study of food as preventive medicine for prostate health. That being said, Harvard Health Publications does offer some keys practices that men can implement to boost prostate health.

It’s all about Variety

Specific foods may not individually reduce prostate cancer risks, but a well-rounded diet does. Researchers, physicians, and dieticians have all seen the benefits of healthy eating, and recommend the following:

  • Eat five servings of deeply and brightly colored fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Eat whole-grains instead of white bread, pasta, cereals, and tortillas.
  • Trade meat for fats. Red meat, in particular, can be a risk factor in prostate conditions, especially those that are processed. Healthier protein options include eggs, beans, fish, and poultry. Healthy fats such as avocados, olives, and olive oil are also beneficial.
  • Implement a low-sodium, low sugar diet. This doesn’t have to mean tasteless! Spices and sugar substitutes like stevia can add all the flavor you desire.
  • Avoid overeating by eating slowly.

And Motion . . .

Regular exercise is linked to everything from mood stability to a decreased risk for numerous medical conditions, including cancer. Some studies have gone so far as to question how exercise can affect prostate health. This is what has been found:

  • Even low to moderate activity has a beneficial effect on the risk for BPH.
  • Men who engage in three or more hours of rigorous physical work or run for 90 minutes, a few days a week have a 20% lower risk for erectile dysfunction than men who do not exercise at all.
  • Aerobic exercise, performed three days a week, may produce greater health benefits than nonaerobic exercises, such as strength training. A combination of the two may be ideal for overall health and wellness, but aerobic exercise such as jogging specifically benefits the prostate.

Prostate symptoms should be evaluated sooner rather than later. To schedule a visit with your Plano urologist, call (972) 403-5425.

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