Early Detection & Treatment: Key to Prevent Prostate Cancer Malady

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Causing an average of 30,000 deaths each year, prostate cancer is a killer disease and the most common solid organ tumor among men. It is not only devastating for a person to have this ailment, but it is quite boggling as well as prostate cancer may or may not have signs and symptoms during its early stages. Some prostate cancer patients may only have trouble urinating during the more advanced stage of the disease.

In view of this, the Experienced Collin County Urology Team (led by Drs. Wierschem and Padalino) recommends for annual prostate cancer screening among men over 40 years old. Upon consultation, the Board-Certified Urologists will discuss to you the benefits and risks of the screening. By undertaking a PSA blood test and examination of the prostate, you can already be “screened” for cancer. Depending on age, the normal PSA values are typically between 0 and 2.5 – thus numbers higher than this must be evaluated by the Plano, TX-based Urologists.

Aside from the indicated age, it is also recommended to have a yearly test for men with family history of prostate cancer, diets high in fatty content, and those with urinary symptoms. Compared to men of most other races, the African-American men are also observed to have greater susceptibility with the condition. Severe urinary symptoms, like the presence of blood in the urine or semen, must be brought to the immediate attention of the doctors. In sum, early detection is one of the key steps to prevent prostate cancer malady. You should not take too long and wait for the indescribable suffering to occur.

For personal consult on prevention and treatment of prostate cancer, please contact our Collin County Urologists at (972) 403-5425 or fill out this Schedule Reservation Form.

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