Do You Have an Overactive Bladder?

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shutterstock_115198234Do you seem to hit every bathroom you pass? Does it feel like you’re a slave to your bladder? You could have an overactive bladder. Normally a condition for older people, there are several other factors that can cause someone to have an overactive bladder. How do you know if you have an overactive bladder? Read on to know more.

Most symptoms of OAB are somewhat subjective, so it is important to keep track of them and give that information to your doctor. You may have an overactive bladder if you are experiencing any of these:

  • Sudden urges to urinate

Sudden, strong urges to urinate is the most common symptom that a patient with OAB would feel. This urge is much different from the one we feel when we are waiting for our turn to use the restroom and the urge gradually becomes stronger. In the case of OAB, the patient can feel like they have to go quickly without any warning.

  • Losing control of bladder functions

A person with an overactive bladder can also experience urinary incontinence, where urine leaks out just before reaching the restroom. Also known as urge incontinence, the loss of bladder control starts suddenly with an insuppressible contraction of the bladder muscle when it is filled with urine. This usually comes with little or no time to prepare for the release of the urine.

Bladder Control Treatments in Plano

There are several other symptoms that can confirm you have an overactive bladder. Erase your worries by requesting an appointment at Collin County Urology. Call us today at 972-403-5425 to schedule your consultation with one of our highly qualified urologists and find out if you have an overactive bladder.


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