Minimally Invasive Surgery for Where You Need It Most

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2739_shutterstock-66221323When people think of minimally invasive surgery, they usually think of something like endoscopic surgery on your shoulder. You know those surgeries: you get an injury and so the doctor uses a small endoscopic camera to perform the surgery inside your body so he or she doesn’t have to open you up all the way.

Or maybe you think of minor cosmetic surgeries, such as breast implants or lifts with little to no scarring or liposuction. These do not require large scars and usually the recovery time is much faster than those cosmetic surgeries that require large incisions.

But what do you and your doctor do when you need surgery around the area that affects you the most? What happens if you need surgery on your prostate? The good news is that there is minimally invasive surgery available for you too.

The Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Like previously mentioned, minimally invasive surgery is great because it means there is less scarring. But there are other benefits too. It gives you more privacy, while still solving the problem. But perhaps the best part of minimally invasive surgery is that in proper circumstances it can basically nullify all the negative effects of surgery.

For example, what are the things you dislike most about having surgery? Some of the most common answers are the time in the hospital, the pain of recovery, when the anesthesia wears off, and the long time it takes to recover. Minimally invasive surgery gets rid of all of those. Because it these surgeries are so small and painless, some of them don’t even need anesthesia. You won’t need to go into the hospital; our office will be sufficient. Some surgeries last under an hour, and you life will return to normal as soon as the very next day.

Whether your doctor uses lasers or robots, you’d probably be surprised at how much your doctor can do without completely cutting you open. Your prostate and other nearby parts can be fixed so that you can live a happy and healthy lifeā€”and it won’t even require an extensive surgery.

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