When It Bends and Breaks

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When things get too heated up and you have an unfortunate injury, set your embarrassment aside because if you put off getting any medical help, you might be sorry in the future.  Any injury or trauma during sexual intercourse or an accident can lead to a serious medical condition called Peyronie’s disease.  Aside from trauma or injury, there are some men that are genetically predisposed to having Peyronie’s disease and this will usually show up in middle-aged men.

A penile injury can cause localized bleeding in the area that is almost unnoticeable because most often it does not exhibit any symptoms.  This will later on form a scar tissue and the plaque along the length of the penis will cause an abnormal curvature that can make sexual intercourse painful and difficult.

But patients need not worry because there are treatments available for Peyronie’s disease.  For mild cases, the pain and discomfort is only present during erection.  For most patients, the pain is only very mild.  For so long as only mild discomfort is felt and patients still find intercourse pleasurable, the your doctors will not recommend any more treatment until the symptoms become worse.  But for more severe conditions of Peyronie’s disease, the experts at Collin County Urology would usually recommend surgery and other medical treatments like vitamin therapy, radiation therapy, injection of medications, and pain management.  These treatments will help remove the plaque caused by the penile injury or trauma.

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