What may be Behind Testicular Pain

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testicular-painPain in any part of the body can feel alarming. We are often told that pain is the body’s way of saying something is wrong. If pain occurs in the genital area, such as the testicles or scrotum, a man may become immediately concerned about his cancer risk. While it is always good to assess risks for any type of cancer, and also beneficial to consult with a trusted urologist about testicular pain, know that testicular cancer does not usually present as painful symptoms (it is a hard mass that indicates potential cancer).

So what is causing that pain?

There are a number of testicular conditions, or even primary conditions, that could cause uncomfortable symptoms. Some of the common problems include:

  • The epididymus is a collection of tubules through which sperm travel after leaving the testicles. These tubules may become inflamed and infected, typically when urine backs up into the area. What could cause this backlog of urine? Usually a sudden increase in pressure in the bladder, such as lifting a heavy object or landing an unexpected step. Not only can epididymitis cause severe pain, but it can also cause the scrotum to swell and look red. Depending on the severity of infection, a man may also feel nauseas and develop a fever. A course of antibiotics will typically resolve this condition.
  • This is not a condition we usually hear much about, because it tends to develop in newborn males. However, older men can also suffer the occasional pain caused by swelling in the scrotum due to a fluid filled sac around a testicle. In severe cases, fluid may be drained, or the sac removed. In most cases, the problem will resolve on its own, requiring only pain management until it does.
  • Testicular pain may occur secondary to another problem, such as kidney stones or even a herniated disc. This is because the nerve pathways run along the same meridian.

There is a lot of information on testicular pain found online. None of it is a good substitute for a formal examination. If you are experiencing discomfort, whether chronic or sudden, call Collin County Urology, we can help you find a reason for testicular pain, as well as the right treatment to restore comfort.

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