Testosterone Level Deficiency and its Effect to Men’s Health

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For the males among us, the sex hormone is known as testosterone. The hormone has vital roles in male sexual development, functioning, health, and even well-being. Thus when there is substantial deficiency in testosterone level, there is likely an encompassing effect to many areas in a man’s life: sex drive, well-being and concentration. If the deficiency is congenital, the boy with low testosterone level may experience lower muscle mass, underdeveloped sexual organs and sparse body hair.

The more common male deficiency, however, begins at the age of 40. This testosterone level deficiency is a major bane to men’s health, as it leads to reduction in libido and even in experiencing erectile dysfunction. This condition eventually leads to those men suffering from anxiety and depression. Furthermore, the deficiency can bring about a decrease in muscle tone and increase in amount of abdominal fat. In short, the insecurity issues that men may feel due to testosterone defiency can affect them physically, sexually, and yes, emotionally.

At Collin County Urology, the condition of having a Testosterone Deficiency is one of the most common complaints being tackled by Experienced Urologists Dr. Michael Wierschem and Dr. Joseph Padalino. With utmost confidentiality and eye for comprehensive treatment, Urology Doctors Wierschem and Padalino will discuss closely with each male patient on advanced and effective remedies on his specific urologic condition and issues.

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