Should men shave their armpits?

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Males in a recent survey were asked if they shave their armpits, and 68% of the respondents said, “Yes!” — at least often enough to keep it neat and trimmed, mostly for aesthetic reasons, some for athletics. Only about one in 10 said they never do anything to their armpit hair.

Attitudes have changed, and so has style
Grooming “experts” speculate that as recently as five years ago, the percentages in such a survey would have skewed quite differently, with the majority saying they don’t trim or shave their armpit hair, and wouldn’t think it was the manly to do so.

men's health“Manscaping” is a fairly new phenomenon, and depending on the particular group, might have originally only included trimming the pubic area. But these days, once men start trimming, they say it just makes sense to include chest and armpits.

Women weren’t part of the survey
Most women we casually asked said they were accustomed to seeing men with armpit hair, but preferred less of it. A completely smooth pit is still unexpected, as far as our informal survey indicated.

Our underarms have glands that produce sweat, full of all those chemicals that in prehistoric times were necessary for attracting a mate, and maybe alarming foes. Women, especially in the U.S., seemed to discover fairly early that they were better off without armpit hair, regardless of any purpose it might serve. And men seem to be following their lead.

If you decide to start trimming your underarms, be gentle
Most men have plenty of shaving experience by the time their attention turns to their armpit hair. But there’s some sensitive skin under there, and you should shave with at least as much care as you give your face to avoid irritation, cuts and infections.

The New Year is a great time to try something new, so why not see if less armpit hair gives you more strength! Plus, see your doctor if you have any health concerns you’ve been ignoring. That’s a lot more crucial than your manscaping habits. Call for your appointment today: 972-403-5425.

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