Low T? These hidden Culprits may Surprise you!

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low testosteroneBack in the 80’s many men may have had longer hair, but most of them had higher testosterone than today’s man. According to research, average testosterone level of the average male is 25% lower than their mullet-haired, hard-rocking brothers, uncles, or fathers. Testosterone is essential to a number of male functions; not just sexual prowess or fertility. Low testosterone also increases a man’s risk of obesity and diabetes by more than 50%.

There are a number of ways we can deal with low testosterone. One of the important aspects of care is identifying the factors that may be causing this issue, and mitigating them with good habits. Just think about it, if you get treated for low-t but you are continually exposing yourself to testosterone-stealers, you could be spinning your proverbial wheels.

  • BPA. In recent years, we have learned just how much harm can be done by heating foods in the microwave in plastic bowls. This habit, intended for convenience, could cause a number of health concerns. This is because heating plastic with Bisphenol-A causes the chemical to leak out into the food that is then consumed. In one study, exposure to BPA resulted in lowered testosterone and androstendione, which is necessary for testosterone as well as estrogen production. So, look for BPA-free containers, and avoid drinking from plastic bottles.
  • Beer. Brace yourself. The hops in beer have an estrogenic effect on the body. So much so that researchers are considering the value of hops as solution to menopausal symptoms. Sad to say, but alcohol does a number of testosterone levels. The less you drink, the better your levels will be.
  • Stress. Without the occasional drink, it may seem impossible to manage stress. Research suggests that we need to find a way. We’re not saying men can’t enjoy a few drinks during their favorite weekend activity, but that limiting alcohol can only be a good thing for testosterone levels. But back to the stress factor. Stress makes us want to fight or take flight. This natural response to stress causes the adrenal glands to kick out tons of cortisol which blocks available testosterone from doing its job.

Testosterone is touchy. Not only do many men avoid addressing their concerns about fertility and testosterone levels in general, but the very production of this important hormone can be much more finicky than we may imagine.

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