Dad, you Make a Difference!

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mens healthDuring the holidays, we may more often reflect on the various things in our life that we have to be thankful for. The team at Collin County Urology, in our dedication to male health, want to bring a little more cheer into your day by outlining the various reasons to be thankful for Dad. If you are a dad, you may notice that many comedic television shows and movies capitalize on the downside of being a father, or even present fathers in a demeaning way.

Well, there’s a lot more to being a dad that what is portrayed. You really do make a difference. Here’s how . . .

How Children Benefit from an Actively Involved Father

It Starts Early!
It is easy to think that newborns and infants need very little, and that they benefit only minimally from a father’s love and direct care. This is because the large majority of research that has been conducted focuses on a mother’s influence in her children’s lives. According to new studies, dads who are involved with their infants set them up for high mental and motor skill functioning. A father’s direct care performing seemingly mundane tasks like feeding or changing diapers also makes a difference, enabling their infants to manage stress better.

It Lingers
The care that a father provides early in life, during the toddler years, makes an impact the researchers see years later. School aged children of actively involved fathers exhibit greater self-control, higher self-esteem, and greater resistance to peer pressure related to drugs and alcohol. Acting out in violence is also decreased in kids whose fathers are a regular and involved part of their life.

It Really Does Matter
A child will develop according to fatherly involvement, according to research, and also according to Dad’s state of mental health. Even more so than when Mom suffers depression, children are influenced by depression in their father. Children whose fathers do not take an active role in their upbringing, as well, suffer the consequences, sometimes throughout their adult life.

Dad, you matter. So revel in this holiday season with your children, and make a commitment to your own health and wellness. The team in our Plano urology practice is here to support you!

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