Be More of a Man: Natural Ways to Increase Your Testosterone Levels

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2739_shutterstock-66221323If you were to say the one thing that defines you as a man, what would it be? Your love of football? Your power tools? Maybe it would be something less stereotypical, like your children. Whatever you personally choose, there is one thing that is always stereotypically associated with manhood and toughness: testosterone.

But low testosterone can be a real problem, and not just because it affects your sex drive. Testosterone is a hormone that affects so much of your body, from your bones and your muscles, to your hair growth. No matter why you’re losing testosterone, it needs to be treated to prevent a multiplicity of health problems.

Here are some ways that you can treat low testosterone at home, naturally.

Go to the Gym

You see those guys at the gym pumping iron and probably think testosterone, right? There’s truth to that. Both high-intensity interval workouts and strength training can help boost your testosterone levels. In addition, exercise can help you lose weight and stay fit. This will also keep your testosterone levels up where they should be.

Eat Right

You guessed it: diet is also a great way to improve your testosterone levels. Eating foods that are high in vitamin D and zinc are great ways to help up your manly hormone.

For example, tuna is high in vitamin D and healthy in other ways, too! It helps your heart and is rich in protein. These same benefits can also be found in other fishes like salmon. Or, if you’re more like Ron Swanson and want real meat, beef is a great source of both vitamin D and zinc. Looks like Ron was right about red meat being man’s food after all.

Other seafoods such as oysters or shellfish also have a large amount of zinc. If you’re struggling to work these vitamins into your diet, there are many foods such as milk, cereals, and juices, that are fortified with vitamin D.

Just try to eat healthy by eliminating extra sugars and focusing on eating healthy fats. If you start to think about what you’re eating, chances are your testosterone levels will be naturally heightened, and you’ll be healthier in other ways too.

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