Low Libido: Have you Tried These Strategies?

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Testosterone Deficiency Plano, TXSex drive is an important topic that affects the quality of life for both men and women. Usually, low libido is associated with stress, hormones, and other factors in a woman’s life. Today, we want to point out that a man may also suffer low libido.

The level of a man’s sex drive is fueled by testosterone. More specifically, by the serum testosterone level in the blood. When a man is in his twenties, this level begins its decline of approximately 1% each year. Ouch! This doesn’t sound like good news at all! What’s worse than the initial blow of low libido is the lack of awareness around what to do about this problem. A man may inadvertently hurt his sexual or general health by reaching for supplements, or even testosterone therapy, too soon.

If your libido could use a boost, try some simple lifestyle hacks.

  • Be mindful of your stress levels. Stress kills the mood regardless of its source, or when it started. If you want good sexual experiences, leave your work at work. Also, leave your ideas about performance outside of the bedroom. Meditation apps such as Headspace are quite helpful for learning to de-stress quickly.
  • What better way to manage stress than to release pent-up energy! Exercise isn’t just good for working out the emotional issues that cause stress to accumulate, staying active also improves circulation, and circulation is crucial to libido.
  • It’s all about connection. Whether you still have children at home, have begun that second-stage of life called empty-nesting, or are still getting to know your partner, place a good amount of important on the connection. This is, after all, what ignites the flame of passion for both partners. Here’s a tip: connection doesn’t involve your cell phone, so keep it turned off when you are with your partner.
  • Seek help. If low libido persists beyond these lifestyle changes, speak with your doctor. Also, consider consulting with a therapist. Not all cases of sexual dysfunction relate to the “working parts;” there are just as many cases in which psychological issues, either between partners or individually, blunt the pleasure and joy of a healthy sex life.

There are so many ways to address sexual health concerns that living with them is a pretty poor option. Learn more about diagnostic testing and clinical therapies for low libido during a consultation at Collin County Urology.

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