What Causes Kidney Stones?

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Urinary Tract InfectionThey say that kidney stones are one of the only pains that can compare to childbirth. Although we are all grateful that our mother’s brought us into this world, at least that pain had a reward of the love and joy of a child. But that pain just isn’t worth it for just a little stone. So what even causes kidney stones? Can you prevent them?

How Do They Form?

Kidney stones don’t have one definite cause, but there are several risk factors. The main factor is a lack of water. If you keep yourself fully hydrated every day, you have a much lower chance of actually contracting kidney stones.

This is because water helps dilute the acid that is found in your urine. Without the extra water, your urine will essentially crystallize. Of course, it will not completely crystallize, but the extra calcium, acid, and other harder substances will clump together and form kidney stones.

Most kidney stones are made from mostly calcium, which usually comes thanks to your diet, high vitamin D intake, or intestinal bypass surgery. However, kidney stones can also be caused by disorders, urinary tract infections, a high protein diet, and hereditary disorders.

Prevent the Pain

Although you can’t completely guarantee kidney stone prevention, you can reduce your risk by living a healthy life.

Water, Water Everywhere

Watch how much you sweat, and make sure you’re getting enough water to drink every day. Stay hydrated and keep peeing. That is the best and surest way to prevent kidney stones.


Watch What You Eat

It may seem like you should cut calcium out of your life, but that is not the case. Reduce the amount of sodium in your diet and eat plenty of food with high doses of calcium and oxalate. This means that they will bind together in your stomach, long before they get to the kidneys.


Learn from Your Mistakes

If you’ve already had kidney stones once, you probably know more of what caused them in your personal body. Take your medication—and the advice of your doctor. If you follow the rules, the stone are less likely to return.

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