Kidney Stone Diet Plano: The Key is Moderation

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It is established that kidney stone formation is normally caused by high level presence of certain substances in the body. About 85% of kidney stones – which may be as small as the grain of sand or as big as a peanut – are composed of Calcium and Oxalate. Hence, in order to cleanse your system from stones especially during the early stages of diagnosis and treatment, you should watch out on foods with high oxalate and calcium concentrations.

Plano Urologists Drs. Wierschem and Padalino relate that it is generally about dietary moderation, not total avoidance of those substances that induce kidney stone formation. Upon consultation and evaluation, the Plano Urology Team (otherwise known as Collin County Urology) will guide you through medical and dietary strategies to treat – if not prevent – further stone occurrences. The underlying aim, as much as possible, is to let kidney stones pass on their own.

Among others, the Kidney Stone Diet Plano recommendations by Drs. Wierschem and Padalino include:
*Water Intake should be at least 2 liters/day or enough to keep your urine clear consistently.
*Limit Salt Intake as this acts to promote stone formation.
*Excess Vitamin C is mobilized by the body into Oxalate which combines with Calcium to form stones.
*Dairy Products should be taken in moderation but not eliminated.

Indeed, dietary moderation is the key when it comes to Oxalate and Calcium intake, not elimination. At any rate, these are some of the foods and drinks known to be high in Oxalate content: Iced tea, Coffee, Cola products , Chocolate, Spinach, Nuts (including almonds and cashews), Berries (including cranberries, raspberries and strawberries), and Asparagus.

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