Break Those Painful Kidney Stones to Break Free from Pain

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Kidney Stones TreatmentAbout 7% of women and 12% of men experiences a kidney stone at least once in a lifetime. It means kidney stones are quite common. Although kidney stones aren’t fatal in most cases, they cause extreme, writhing pain, and often lead to emergency room visits. The formation of about 75% of kidney stones takes place when calcium binds with oxalate (a byproduct of specific foods); however, uric acid stones and calcium phosphate stones are common as well.

Many different factors increase the risk of stones. People who don’t drink enough water and are on a high-sodium diet may have to deal with painful kidney stones at some point in their lives. Other risk factors include a diet consisting high amounts of sucrose and sweeteners fructose, and a diet rich in animal protein. Obesity may also lead to the development of kidney stones, which means it is definitely one more malady linked directly to the growing girth of Americans.

Sometimes, stones can get as large as golf balls and surgery is the only viable solution in this case. An experienced urologist or surgeon will study your case carefully and decide if surgical incisions are required or they can use other procedures, such as shockwave lithotripsy or ureteroscopy. Both procedures don’t require surgical incisions; however, high energy sound waves are used in shock-wave lithotripsy to blast stones and laser is used to destroy stones in lithotripsy.

At Collin County Urology, we can help you identify the best treatment option for your kidney stones. In a state-of-the-art facility, we connect you with highly experienced doctors who use the GE light-speed scanner for CT scanning and determine how to help you get rid of kidney stones. With direct access to high-tech equipment, including fiber optic scopes etc., we can make the procedure as pain-free as possible. Patients will also receive counseling from our experts to make such dietary changes that prevent stones from developing in future. Discuss it all now – and let no stone stop you from living a happy life.

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