Are you Questioning your Sex Drive?

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Male Infertility Treatment Plano, TXLibido. Our drive for sex is something that we may perpetually question. Not only are we all different, but every single one of us also changes with time. Certain life events or stages of life may send our libido into a downward spiral. The loss of sex drive can feel unnerving for both men and women. Here, we want to briefly touch on a few aspects of this potentially touchy-subject.

Natural Reduction is Normal

Women, in particular, may notice that their desire for sex decreases gradually over time. At some point, the lack of desire may feel highly concerning. We are taught by society that we should want sex; in many cases, we are covertly told that we should want a lot of it, too. The truth is, a woman’s body changes significantly through pregnancy and the hormonal shifts that occur every month. As a woman approaches mid-life and the years of perimenopause, it is perfectly normal to experience surges and dips in libido. This is not something wrong with the body; it’s the body doing what nature intended.

Men may also experience a disturbing decline in sex drive as testosterone levels drop with age. If erectile dysfunction has also occurred, even a time or two, libido may diminish even more due to the stress of potential impotence during any attempt at sexual intercourse.

What to do: Men who are experiencing low libido, especially in conjunction with erectile dysfunction, should schedule a full hormone workup. Testosterone levels can be assessed with simple lab work, and we can prescribe appropriate testosterone replacement therapy when needed.

Stress is a Mood-Killer

Stress and satisfying sex do not go together. Often, couples facing issues with fertility or sexual dysfunction must grapple with the coinciding stress that stems from physical concerns. This is a recipe for a disastrous sex life.

What to do: Stress comes at us from all directions. It is up to each to learn how to mitigate stressors, so they do not lead to fatigue, burnout, anxiety, and depression. Men and women are encouraged to find ways to release stress before it mounts. Strategies range from listening to music to finding a creative outlet such as painting. The exercise of all kinds is also beneficial for stress management.

Sexual pleasure is an important aspect of general health and wellness. For personal care from an experienced urologist, call our Plano office at (972) 403-5425.

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