How Lifestyle Habits affect Male Fertility

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alcohol infertilityWho doesn’t love waking up to the rich aroma of their favorite roast? Or unwinding with a nightcap after a long day? The fact is, coffee, alcohol, and even tobacco are some of the most common pleasures among the average American man. If you’re trying to conceive, and timing doesn’t seem to be in your corner, we imagine that you may be questioning just about everything related to your and your partner’s fertility. We want to help you make sense of the nuances of this important aspect of life, hopefully easing your mind while also enabling you to manage the factors that are within your control.

The fact of the matter is that coffee, alcohol, and tobacco can each, individually, affect the success a man has in fulfilling his part of the conception evolution. General health has an even greater impact on fertility than does the performance of a vasectomy, followed by vasectomy reversal. While it is often the female partner that is encouraged to support pre-conception health with nourishing foods and gentle exercise, men also benefit from a good hard look at their habits.

Male fertility and . . .


The occasional caffeinated treat is not a health concern in any way, shape, or form. So, enjoy that bite of chocolate, the cup of coffee or tea, or even a taste of soda now and then. Then, balance out your treats with a well-rounded diet that includes vegetables and lean meat. Where caffeine seems to present the most concern is when high doses are consumed on a daily basis, such as energy drinks.


According to a meta-analysis report published in European Urology in April of last year, smoking, as well as heavy exposure to secondhand smoke, affects sperm count, motility, and morphology. The effect on any one of these aspects of sperm is important, let alone effect on all three simultaneously.


Cracking open a cold one after a hard day at work sounds like the normal thing to do. However, a Denmark study of just over 1,000 men suggests that, in many cases, one cold one leads to another, then another. Drinking more than 5 alcoholic beverages was not uncommon among the men in this study, and it did not occur without consequences. Namely, decreased sperm count and motility.

Male fertility and female fertility are issues that can be assessed and improved with the right support. If you have questions regarding male infertility or erectile dysfunction, we will do our best to provide you with accurate answers relevant to your situation. Call Collin County Urology at (972) 403-5425.




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