Causes of male infertility: fact and fiction

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Male InfertilityFertility issues can cause frustration and pain, just as much for men as for women; and unfortunately, the search for causes can produce a lot of misinformation. So let your trusted doctor be your guide, and try to ignore the many bogus reasons given online for male infertility.

All the scare stories relating to sperm health, sometimes deriving from inconclusive test results, can lead to fear, even guilt – and they actually distract from discovering the true reasons for concern. Call us for a consultation appointment today: 972-403-5425. We can help you separate fact from fiction as we seek to identify and treat your unique fertility issues:

Fiction: Phthalates and PFCs – chemicals and plastics
They’re found in many of the products we use every day — from sunscreen and shower curtains to non-stick pans and car upholstery and dashboards. While true that the negative effects of plastics and chemicals on health and wellness in general are still being studied, linking plastic compounds and sunscreen chemicals directly to low sperm count is not conclusive.

Fiction: Bike riding – constriction from too much time in the saddle
Today’s bike seats are actually designed to reduce the risk of constriction. Plus, cyclists are more likely to adhere to a diet and lifestyle that’s healthier for sperm count. (And a 2014 study found no association between cycling and infertility.)

Fact: Varicocele — an enlargement of the veins
Usually found in the left testicle, this condition can create a higher than normal temperature for sperm maturation. This can result in sperm dysfunction, and occurs in 40% of infertile men. After repair of this condition, semen analysis improves in 70% and pregnancy results within two years in 50 – 60%.

Fact: Lifestyle
Smoking, being over weight and eating an unhealthy diet can all negatively affect sperm potency.

Fact: Heat
Prolonged exposure to excessive heat has been shown in numerous studies to have a negative effect on sperm DNA. Temporary overheating, such as hot tubing on occasion, isn’t really a cause for concern. Regular overheating can be a problem for your sperm.

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