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Testosterone deficiency is a medical condition that is often overlooked as the cause of several problems in men’s health like the decrease in sex drive, erectile dysfunction, depression, and the over-all decrease in the sense of well-being.

A man’s testosterone level in the body naturally declines once he reaches the age of 30.  It is also triggered by a number of other factors such as injuries or any infection that leads to the loss of the testicles, radiation treatment for cancer, any genetic abnormalities, having too much iron in the body, abnormal function of the pituitary gland, and other chronic illnesses.

If you suspect that you may have testosterone deficiency, a simple blood test done in the morning can identify this condition and the symptoms that you are experiencing can easily be reversed by hormone replacement that can be injected intramuscularly every 2 to 3 weeks to manage the levels.  Patients can also use testosterone patches or testosterone gel that will be applied near the scrotum.  Testosterone deficiency can also be treated using oral tablets or using muco-adhesive materials that are applied above the patient’s teeth twice a day.  These hormone replacement therapies have different risks and advantages to consider based on your current medical condition, and our experts at Collin County Urology will make sure to recommend a treatment that is best suited for you.

The detection as well as treatment is fast and easy.  So stop feeling down and seek help to improve your way of life and bring back that vigor and vitality that you once had.

To learn more about testosterone deficiency and the treatments we have available, call us at 972-403-5425 today for a consultation with a Collin County Urology expert.

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