Surgery for Erectile Dysfunction: A Look at Penile Implants

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 Erectile Dysfunction Plano, TXMen who struggle with erectile dysfunction lose a lot more than immediate gratification regarding sexual confidence. This issue is an important health matter for men as well as their partners. The widespread use of Viagra and other ED medications is a testament to the demand for reliable solutions. We mustn’t overlook the fact that erectile dysfunction drugs are only one path toward stronger, more consistent erections when you want them. For some men, the most appropriate treatment protocol involves surgery.

Penile Implants: How They Work

A penile implant is an artificial structure that is surgically implanted into the penile shaft. The intent behind this surgery is to facilitate normal, healthy erections after health conditions or necessary surgery has diminished this function.

Types of Implants

Penile implants are made in inflatable and non-inflatable forms. Each type has advantages and disadvantages, which we want to discuss here.

A non-inflatable penile implant is a semi-rigid rod that is inserted into the shaft of the penis. To obtain the erection, it is necessary to tilt the penis upward. To stop erection, the penis must be tilted downward. This is a simple method and is reliable due to its simple design. However, there is a disadvantage of the penis being in a rather rigid state at all times. The non-inflatable implant may be the most affordable type and may be easiest to use for men with arthritis or loss of dexterity. However, this is the least popular type.

Inflatable implants work through a pump mechanism. These devices are easy to use; just press on a small pump that is implanted near the scrotum and penile tissue becomes rigid as fluid enters the shaft. A flaccid state may be obtained by pressing the pump again to release fluid from the penis. Two- and three-piece inflatable penile implants are also easy to use, and they offer hearty erections when desired and also a fully natural flaccid state.

Erectile dysfunction occurs for some reasons. Before surgical intervention, more conservative treatments are typically prescribed, such as medication or penile injections. The value of professional care comes from the variety of treatment options available. To explore how we can help you treat erectile dysfunction, call our Plano Urology office at (972) 403-5425.

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