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Let’s face it! There are some men who equate their degree of manhood with how well they perform and how long they can keep “things” going.  It may sound so superficial but some men take pride in such things and to face a condition that restricts you from performing sexually can have such a blow to a man’s self-confidence and self-image.  And having to come out and seek help for erectile dysfunction is very hard for a man to do.

A healthy sex life is crucial in maintaining a happy relationship so we understand where the concern is coming from.  Not being able to satisfy your partner can have a very remarkable effect not only on a man’s self-image but to the success of the relationship as well.  But it is important for men to know that treatment and counselling is available to be able to trace where the condition is rooted and what the best treatment is.

Here at Collin County Urology, we do not immediately resort to medication.  Erectile dysfunction can be cause by a number of things.  It can be a consequence of an underlying health condition like heart disease, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and low testosterone.  It can also be a result of lifestyle habits such as tobacco smoking, alcoholism, and substance abuse.  We can get to the root of the problem and offer treatments that will bring back your vitality and give you back your active sex life.

If you are having erectile dysfunction concerns, call us today at 972-403-5425 for a consultation with our experts.

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