Could ED and Infertility Issues Really be a Cardiovascular Issue?

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Erectile DysfunctionThe body is a complex structure in which various cells, muscles, vessels, and organs must work in harmony to achieve the end goal: optimal health. When a problem arises in one area, it is not uncommon by any means to see secondary conditions sprout up. This domino effect is evident in a substantial number of health conditions, including male infertility and erectile dysfunction. Findings in at least one study suggest that there is a great deal of value in looking beyond the obvious, and seeking clues to men’s health within these primary concerns related to reproduction.

Statistics estimate that approximately 15% of couples struggle to conceive. In half of these couples, it is the male partner who is affected by infertility. Often, semen deficiency goes hand in hand with erectile dysfunction. While stress related to infertility can certainly be a factor in ED, there are also other avenues that are worth traveling. The American Academy of Family Physicians reports that erectile dysfunction is quite often the result of low blood flow. Low blood flow into the penis is the result of narrowed vessels. Narrow vessels into the penis is not a reproductive problem; it is a cardiovascular problem. This information is relevant on two levels: one, it can alert us to health problems that need to be addressed. Two, it can facilitate treatment planning that includes lifestyle changes as well as medical care.

Semen: an Indicator to General Health

It could easily be assumed that erectile dysfunction and infertility are problems of the reproductive system. The findings of several research studies have opened our eyes to the need for a broader view. Missing the clues that these reproductive issues are giving could mean missing a bigger, potentially more serious problem.

  • In one study, a direct correlation between cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure and reproductive problems like semen dysfunction was found.
  • Another erectile dysfunction study found that, by changing dietary habits to include more fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, olive oil, and other stables of the Mediterranean diet, it is possible to reverse damage to blood vessels. This suggests that it may also be possible to improve erectile function and fertility with healthy food choices.

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