Are You on the Fence about Penile Implant Treatment?

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 Erectile Dysfunction Plano, TXErectile dysfunction can be very disruptive to a man’s life. Recently, we have become more willing to talk about this problem. Men have more safe places in which to discuss their concerns related to an inability to get or maintain an erection. The increase in awareness has brought to light the fact that men have multiple options for how the deal with erectile dysfunction. At this point, virtually every man who has been living with the stress of this problem can find a solution that works for him. Here, we want to turn our attention to penile implants and the common questions men have about this method of treatment.

  •    Having a penile implant will not diminish your ability to orgasm. Furthermore, ejaculation is also usually unaffected by the implanted device. According to one study, it is even possible for men who were unable to orgasm before receiving an implant to regain this function after surgery. It is believed that this is because the psychological stress of erectile dysfunction is virtually nonexistent after an implant has been placed.
  •    Having a penile implant will mean that you can no longer get hard on your own. Both inflatable and non-inflatable penile implants are user-friendly and immediately functional, so not being able to spontaneously get an erection is usually inconsequential.
  •    A penile implant will neither lengthen nor shorten your erection. What this device will do, however, is change the way your penis looks when soft. After receiving a penile implant, your flaccid penis will appear slightly longer and more rigid than it did before treatment. This is usually discreet enough for men to feel comfortable at all times.
  •    You won’t have to give up your Sunday morning basketball game or any other sport. Cyclists may need to change their bike seat to accommodate their implant.

Urologists have been using penile implants to treat erectile dysfunction since the 1970s. This technique has been widely studied and has improved as newer technologies and materials have become available. A penile implant can help you find your way back to your best self. To learn more about this and other treatments for erectile dysfunction, call our Plano office and schedule a consultation.

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