Why Young Men Can Experience Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction does not discriminate based on age. Although many think only older men can get it, that is far from the truth. There are numerous amounts of men from a younger generation who also experience the troubling symptoms that come along with erectile dysfunction. Yes, this condition did indeed affect mainly older men in the past, however, recently there has been surge of this condition affecting younger men. What’s even worse is younger men are generally too embarrassed to seek help from their doctor, which can make their situation even worse. When medical help is sought, doctors can provide young men with treatment options that can make this issue a thing of the past.

Poor Lifestyle Choices and Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

Although it is not always the reason, a person’s lifestyle can often be the determining factor in erectile dysfunction for young men. The less healthy you are, the more likely you are to experience the symptoms. Many younger men who get this condition lead lives that include smoking, excessive drinking, stimulants, and various kinds of illegal drugs or substances. Often times, this kind of lifestyle is generally taken up by young men in college, who are simply trying to fit in. These substances have a negative effect on a person’s nervous system. This can lead to a block in the brain signals that normally are received as arousal or sexual stimulation. When these signals are not received, it becomes impossible for a young man to obtain or maintain an erection.

Other Common Issues That Can Also Result in Erectile Dysfunction Among Young Men

There are also certain health ailments that can result in erectile dysfunction symptoms in young men. These may include, but are not limited to diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Various types of surgical procedures can also cause symptoms.

Psychological issues may also be the cause of a young man’s erectly dysfunction symptoms. Issues regarding sexual encounters at a young age, performance anxiety, or other types of anxiety can all lead to trouble getting an erection. If a young man is not engaged in the situation, it can be difficult for him to perform sexually.

If you are one of the many young men who experience erectly dysfunction symptoms, the good news is there are many different treatment options available. Some examples of these are prosthetic implants, injections, pellets, and prescription medications. Be sure to ask your doctor about all possible options.

If you think you have these symptoms, seek professional help immediately. Contact our experts at Collin County Urology through 972-403-5425.

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