Taking Care of Men’s Health With Trust and Confidence

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A lot of men are in denial about the true state of their sexual health.  The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases has revealed that among men in their forties about 5 percent have experienced erectile dysfunction and about 15 to 25 percent for those men who have reached the age of 65. In a different survey by the National Health and Social Life Survey, it is estimated that 25 percent of men do not always reach orgasm during sex.

The numbers are quite telling, but it is not so the case with the actual patients who visit a specialist doctor for sexual health consultation. This probably goes down deep to the human genome, primarily that men are supposed to be proud carrier of genes. Hence any hint that there is problem relating, directly or indirectly, to the sex organs should relentlessly be avoided by men – if not cloaked upon. The rule thus is to avoid men’s health specialists at all cost, like the urologists. This doggedness attitude is admirable at a point for it showcases male pride, but really it is stupidity in most points.

For most men, there seems to be no debate that being healthy down there is essential. After all, such state of health may affect their ability to procreate and to feel sexual pleasure. But then again, many men would be embarrassed to talk about their potential sexual problems and concerns – so much more with addressing them.

Experienced Urologists Dr. Michael Wierschem and Dr. Joseph Padalino approach each patient’s case with utmost confidentiality. With all the men who come to their Collin County Clinic, the relationship is built on trust and confidence that each patient’s condition will be treated with secrecy and respect. The patients are therefore encouraged to discuss with either Dr. Wierschem or Dr. Padalino about their urologic issues. Some of the common complaints include Testosterone Deficiency, Prostate Disease, Infertility, Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, and Ejaculatory Disorders.

Using the latest in diagnostic testing, the Collin County Urologists can effectively identify and treat any urological condition. In fact, they travel extensively to become certified in the newest technologies and to remain on the cutting edge of urologic care. It is no surprise then that Collin County Urology is the leading urology practice in North Texas.

To arrange a consultation with any of the Collin County Urologists, please call us at (972) 403-5425 or fill out this Schedule Reservation Form.

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