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Risk factors are good warning signs for you to know what you could get in the future – even if you have been living a healthy lifestyle. In the case of prostate cancer, any man can get the condition. However, other men may be more likely to acquire it than you.

Although risk factors don’t tell everything, as men can have a couple of risk factors yet never get prostate cancer, it is important to know when you are at risk of getting one.

Age. The risk of getting prostate cancer increases rapidly after a man reaches the age of 50. It is very rare in those younger than 40, yet can occur anyway.

Race. Prostate cancer is more common in African-American and even those with African ancestry than men of other races.

Nationality. Prostate cancer usually occurs among people living in North America, Australia, Northwestern Europe, and the Caribbean islands. It is less common in Africa, Asia, and other continents.

Family history. This is one of the most common risk factors in any type of cancer. Prostate cancer can be an inherited trait and run naturally in some families. Your chances of getting the disease could even double if your father or brother has it.

Diet. Several studies have shown that men who are fond of red meat, as well as high-fat dairy products, are more likely to get prostate cancer.

It is important to have your prostate regularly checked – all the more if you have high chances of getting prostate cancer. Call us today at 972-403-5425 to schedule a consultation with our team of prostate cancer experts!

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