Pelvic Floor Exercises for Your Overactive Bladder

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One way to take control over your overactive bladder is to perform pelvic floor exercises or Kegels. It is important to know how to do these routines right in order to control your urine leaks. Don’t worry. Here are tips you can follow in order to lessen those trips to the bathroom:

Do your Kegels right.

First off, lie down with bent knees (you can also do so while standing or sitting). Slowly pull in a pelvic muscle squeeze and hold it there for three seconds. After that, relax for another three seconds. Repeat this routine 10 times, thrice a day. After each set, perform an additional 10 quick squeezes. Rest between contractions.

Start lifting weights.

Yes, strength-training exercises are not only for sculpting the arms. Aside from Kegels, a cone-shaped vaginal weight may be able to help. By putting on weight, it encourages your pelvic floor muscles to properly contract to keep the weight in place.

Work your abs and back muscles.

You may not believe it, but your back and abdominal muscles, as well as your posture and gait, play a great role in the functioning of your pelvic muscles. Since your abs and adductor or hip muscles are attached directly to the pubic bone, they are able to help activate each other.

However, if these exercises don’t work for you, our bladder control treatments here at Collin County Urology can. Call us today at 972-403-5425 to schedule a consultation with our qualified urologists. We’d love to hear from you!

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