Medical Options Commonly Used for Erectile Dysfunction

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Most men face many emotional problems when dealing with erectile dysfunction. Many consider it frustrating and embarrassing. Psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, and low self esteem usually come along with ED. Relationship problems may also arise, which could make the symptoms even worse.

Luckily, there are several different treatment options available for erectile dysfunction. They are usually extremely effective. Below are a list of the most common treatments men choose to reduce or eradicate their symptoms of ED.

Prescription Medications

There are many prescription medications that provide relief from ED. These can be easily obtained from your doctor. There are even some known as intra-urethral, which are inserted in a person’s urethra and causes an erection when the blood is stimulated.

Local Injections

Local injections cause an erection to occur approximately fifteen minutes after the injection has been given. People who choose this option are usually taught by their doctors how to give themselves the injection so they can use it whenever needed.

Vacuum Devices

These devices are put directly on the penis. They create an erection from the vacuum pressure that takes place as air is sucked out of the device.

Surgical Implants

This treatment should be used only if other treatment options do not work. Surgical implants create an erection via a rod that is surgically implanted in the penis. This rod can inflate and deflate as needed.

Psychological Support

This is an extremely important part of the treatment process. Counseling and other forms of therapy are extremely helpful to patients who have suffered the symptoms and therefor psychological effects of erectile dysfunction. In fact, you may continue to get symptoms of ED until you get back to a secure place mentally.

These options are all very effective. More than one option may be tried, but be sure to ask your doctor before taking action.

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