Male Infertility Problems: Face It Like A True Gentleman

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The importance of one’s fertility cannot be underestimated. Being infertile means the inability to reproduce offspring. So if all people were infertile, it would be the end of human race as we know it. In a published article, the University of Stanford (CA) has observed that infertility evaluations have “traditionally focused on women”. This is quite alarming considering that for a typical couple, infertility is due to female fertility factors about one-third of the time and male fertility factors also about one-third of the time. Thus, examining males for fertility issues is just as important as performing it on females.

At the Collin County Urology, highly-skilled Urologists Dr. Michael Wierschem and Dr. Joseph Padalino have made it easier and more convenient to undergo male fertility evaluations, as each patient’s case is treated with utmost confidentiality. Doctors Wierschem and Padalino are mindful that there are many possible causes of male infertility ranging from hormonal imbalances to psychological issues. Sometimes, it can be due to combination of different factors.

Both certified diplomate of the American Board of Urology, the Collin County Urologists will perform different sets of examinations to get to the bottom of male infertility problems and recommend possible treatment if necessary. In most instances, the patients will be subjected to thorough physical examination and semen analysis. The semen analysis may very well be taken at home and its results obtained within 48 hours. The patients’ medical and urology history will be taken into account as well. If the fertility problem is beyond the scope of urology, Doctors Wierschem and Padalino will promptly recommend you to undergo an alternative solution with proper specialists. At any rate, patients should really face their infertility issues like a true gentleman – by going to an experienced urologist.

To personally consult with the Collin County Urology Surgeons, please contact us at (972) 403-5425 or fill out this Schedule Reservation Form.

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