Life Tips to Prevent Kidney Stones

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Kidney stones may accumulate in your body during your lifetime, and you may not see them coming. Lifestyle and diet are factors that produce these little felons, yet many experts believe that major myths and misconceptions about the condition can be the culprit.

Don’t fall prey to false information and know just how to prevent kidney stones from plaguing your life.

1. Sweat it out – but not all of it.  

You may be a fan of saunas, hot yoga, and the likes because of the benefits they give to your health. However, these exercises and activities can lead to kidney stones. Because you sweat out too much during these activities, your kidneys are able to produce only little urine. When this is so, minerals in the body causes stones to form in the kidneys. When doing these activities, keep yourself well hydrated. That will do the trick.

2. They could keep coming back.  

While most patients desire to end kidney stone recurrence once they’ve had their first taste, this isn’t always the case. After your first kidney stone has been treated, your doctor will advise you to religiously take your medications and maintain proper nutrition. However, many patients are not keen at heeding this advice. Of course, kidney stones will keep coming back, so it is best to take the responsibility of doing your best to prevent any recurrence.

3. It’s not all about the oxalate.  

Oxalate and calcium are two of the major components of a kidney stone. While it is rational that some doctors will advise to cut down any intake of these minerals, it is not a healthy advice when you look at it from an overall health perspective. The best thing to do is have a moderate intake of foods with both calcium and oxalate during a meal as they are more likely to bind in the stomach and intestines and not immediately in the kidneys.

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