It’s Not Her, It’s Me?

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If you and your partner have experienced difficulty conceiving, it is important to know that partners are equally as likely to be responsible for infertility.  After about six months of trying to conceive without success it may be recommended for you to have your semen analyzed for conditions which may inhibit the production or livelihood of healthy sperm.

The physicians at Collin County Urology are specially training to diagnose and treat male infertility in a discreet and respectful way.

Common causes of male infertility include:

  • Varicocele: sometimes the veins in your testicles can become enlarged, which causes a higher than normal temperature and inhibits the maturation of sperm.  This condition can be repaired leading to improved chances of conceiving.
  • Vasectomy: of course a vasectomy procedure is designed to prohibit fertility in men, however if your status has changed and you would like to begin producing sperm again Collin County Urology offers successful vasectomy reversal procedures.
  • Aging: unfortunately, over time sperm count and movement can be reduced causing difficulty conceiving.
  • Smoking and Substance Abuse
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases: a history of STDs or untreated diseases can cause scarring in the male reproductive tract that could inhibit the future count or movement of healthy sperm. If you believe you have an STD or have been exposed to an STD it is important to seek treatment immediately to avoid spreading the disease, or developing health and fertility problems later in life.

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