Dependable Urologic Care Treatments in Plano, TX

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At the age of around 30 to 40, a lot of men are experiencing urologic issues to the point that they affect their overall health and well-being. By dictionary terms, urology is defined as the “branch of medicine and physiology concerned with the function and disorders of the urinary system”. But what is not quite impressed upon in the said definition is the vastness of scope of urology as a medical practice. Indeed, at Collin County Urology, a large spectrum of urologic issues are tackled and offered for treatment, such as: Testosterone Deficiency, Infertility, Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, and even Ejaculatory Disorders. While these are common complaints at the Collin County Office, many of these urologic problems are interrelated.

Some of the urologic problems are very much researched and studied for years – and since been deemed treatable with symptoms and diagnosis as clear as night and day. But there are also urology issues that have variable symptoms and treatments, like Kidney Stone disease. Furthermore, some urology problems have particular areas that are still considered under-diagnosed and need more research. Moreover, like in the case of Erectile Dysfunction, determining the source of the problem is usually important to determine the proper treatment (which does not necessarily have to be a pharmaceutical medication).

At any rate, Urologists Dr. Wierschem and Dr. Padalino are committed to lead you to dependable urologic care treatments. Upon consultation, they will subject you to immediate and thorough evaluation of your condition. The Highly Experienced Urologists will then engage you in a one-on-one conversation regarding your urologic problem and recommended intervention options. At the very least, either or both Dr. Wierschem and Dr. Padalino will explain to you clearly the issue affecting your urinary system.

To arrange a consultation with any of the Collin County Urologists, please call us at (972) 403-5425 or fill out this Schedule Reservation Form.

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