3 Erectile Dysfunction Myths Revealed

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By the time a man experiences consistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection when he is sexually aroused, there’s a large possibility that he may have erectile dysfunction. Dr. Michael G. Wierschem and his team at Collin County Urology aims to promote Plano men’s urology health which includes helping men with erectile dysfunction.

Myth: The occurrence of erectile dysfunction is nothing to worry about. It is inevitable and is part of the aging process.
Fact: A normal erection in males is a complex process in itself. It involves a combination of adequate testosterone levels, a well-functioning nervous system, and a healthy vascular supply to the penis. For a majority of healthy males, this should not be a problem.

However, keep in mind that sexual function in males does not actually diminish with age. While certain conditions could affect sexual function, ED should not be considered a normal occurrence. It should be perceived as a medical problem which requires medical intervention.

Myth: It’s all in the mind.
Fact:  ED was originally thought to be all in the mind. Yet, recent studies have revealed that 75 percent of the condition has to do with the physical aspect of the erection process described above.

Myth: Nothing much could be done with erectile dysfunction.
Fact: From a urologist’s point of view, there are a good number of alternatives in treating ED. After figuring out the most probable cause of your condition, treatments will be prescribed.

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