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Does Vasectomy Increase the Risk of Prostate Cancer?

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Many men consider the value of having a vasectomy. This longstanding medical procedure disables the progression of sperm from the testicles through tiny tubules in the penis. It takes very little time to perform and is nearly 100% successful across Learn more »

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The Case for Vasectomy: What you Need to Know

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The mere idea of having a vasectomy may send shivers down a man’s spine. Sometimes, it is nothing more than downright fear related to having an operation in such a delicate and important area. Sometimes, it is the permanency of Learn more »

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Thinking Vasectomy? Let’s Debunk some Myths!

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The vasectomy procedure is one of the most common to be performed by experienced urologists like Dr. Wierschem and Dr. Hegde. What is interesting, when you consider the reality of this procedure, is that only 9 percent of men in Learn more »

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