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What Smoking Does to Your Urologic System

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The dangers of smoking have been evident for many years and have been a catalyst for millions of people to quit a habit that could cost them their life. Still, we continue to see far too many smoking-related diseases in Learn more »

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Fostering a Healthy Body through Optimal Nutrition

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Men and women are vastly different on several levels, right down to their dietary needs. What is on a man’s plate will affect how well he thinks, how well he feels, and how well he performs in life. Due to Learn more »

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Prostate Cancer

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Peyronie’s Disease Basics

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Not to be indelicate, but have you had a hard time functioning properly in the bedroom lately, men? Are you suffering from erectile disfunction, an oddly-curved penis, and a lot of pain? Has your penis actually gotten smaller—either in length Learn more »

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How Can You Detect Testicular Cancer?

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We’ve all heard the stories of losing loved ones to cancer. The suffering of chemotherapy. The pain on all sides. No one wants any type of cancer. So instead of just fearing the worst, take matters into your own hands Learn more »

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Fuel Your Kidneys in 5 Ways!

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Your kidneys have an important role in the normal functioning of your body. Once they are damaged, the damage cannot be undone most of the time. This makes prevention a crucial measure to take. Here at Collin County Urology, we Learn more »

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Get to Know the Causes of OAB

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Having an overactive bladder, also known as OAB, can be frustrating. Although it is more common in people over 40, we also get younger patients here at our Plano urology practice who need bladder control treatments. The bladder becomes overactive once Learn more »

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Male Infertility in Plano: What Causes It?

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When you can’t get your partner to be pregnant, there is a possibility you might be one of those suffering from infertility. Infertility in males can occur when the person is unable to produce healthy sperm cells or unable to Learn more »

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What to Expect After Prolieve Thermodilation

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The less invasive a procedure is, the better. Comfort is often every patient’s concern when undergoing a medical procedure. Here at Collin County Urology, patients with BPH can undergo Prolieve thermodilation, a minimally invasive procedure and a comfortable method to Learn more »

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Do You Have Testosterone Deficiency?

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You may have noticed certain changes in your body, but you are way past puberty. You are not diagnosed with any medical condition yet particular signs and symptoms are happening. You feel weird and uneasy with everything that is going Learn more »

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