Is your bladder controlling you?

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bladder controlSome call it a bladder issue, others, bladder control. Some don’t speak of it at all. But the fact is, millions of men and women live every day with urinary incontinence, or Overactive Bladder (OAB), as it is often called. The condition usually occurs around the age of 40, and can worsen with age. However, it is a problem that can begin for various reasons at any age.

There is even a National Association for Continence, created to support those of us who have to deal with this common problem for one reason or another. The NAC is dedicated to helping us better manage our OAB symptoms, offering, for example, some useful tips that are designed to help us get more control over our bladders. They include:

  • Know where the toilets are located when out in public or travelling.
    No searching!
  • Sit down on the toilet seat comfortably.
    No hovering!
  • Avoid rushing to use a toilet as that can cause an accident.
    No running!
  • Stay put until your bladder feels truly empty.
    No hurrying!
  • Watch how much you drink and when you drink it.
    No (Limit) Caffeine, alcohol and citrus!
  • Lose excess weight as it can cause an increased risk of OAB.
    No overeating!

Beyond behavior modification, however, there are also many safe and effective drug and surgical treatment options. See which of these basic description best fits your OAB symptoms:

  1. “I’m always having to go, and I have to hurry.”
    You could most likely benefit from behavior modification and an appropriately prescribed medication.
  2. “I leak when I laugh, cough, sneeze, even exercise.”
    This is stress incontinence, and outpatient surgery is usually a successful and long-term solution.

Whether you or your doctor have decided you have come to the point where surgery seems like the best option, Collin County Urology is here to help. We understand the frustration and stress that OAB causes, and we’re here to help give you back your peace of mind.

Take back control. Schedule an appointment today for a consultation.
Call 972-403-5425. This is one time when it’s okay to hurry.

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