Minimally Invasive Surgery Options for BPH Treatment in Plano, TX

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Aside from being both resident urologists at Collin County Urology, Dr. Michael Wierschem and Dr. Joseph Padalino are indeed passionate and dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge of urologic care. For one thing, they travel extensively to become certified in the latest urology technologies and techniques. For another thing, they keep themselves abreast with the proven effective urology treatments so that such remedies can be offered at their Urology Office in Plano, Texas or also known as Collin County Urology. These treatments include minimally invasive options for BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), which the Plano Urologists are actively promoting.

A lot of BPH patients would prefer for a minimally invasive surgery, because it requires a minimal amount of cutting or time under the knife. Consequently, it means that the patients will have significantly less pain and quicker recovery experience in treating their BPH condition. Anybody with BPH condition would definitely agree that avoiding another level of pain via surgery experience is most ideal. Minimally invasive options for BPH are generally performed as an outpatient procedure in Plano, Texas.

Being trained in an array of BPH minimally invasive surgery options, Drs. Wierschem and Padalino are highy capable in such less invasive procedures that include laser surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and even robotic surgery.  Some of these procedures can even be undertaken in the Plano Office without the necessity for anesthesia. Hence, the risks normally associated with full surgical operations can now be avoided.

Prolieve thermodilation system is one of the most advanced and effective minimally invasive BPH techniques being offered at Collin County Urology. It is gaining attention due to the Prolieve’s highly positive outcomes in treating BPH. The system only requires 45 minutes to complete the procedure, no anesthesia is necessary, and it produces very little to no pain at all. At Collin County Urology’s experience, more than 90% of their patients have experienced leaving the office without a catheter and return to normal activities the very next day. Furthermore, most male patients are observed to have discontinued their BPH medications within the period of six weeks.  Moreover, Collin County Urology has recently offered two new kinds of laser treatments (GreenLight™ laser and the HoLAP) for BPH remedy, and both have been shown to be very effective indeed.

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