What to Expect After Prolieve Thermodilation

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The less invasive a procedure is, the better. Comfort is often every patient’s concern when undergoing a medical procedure. Here at Collin County Urology, patients with BPH can undergo Prolieve thermodilation, a minimally invasive procedure and a comfortable method to treat prostate disease. The use of the Prolieve thermodilation system has by far provided our patients with promising outcomes in BPH treatment.

Since this procedure is minimally invasive, patient recovery is quicker. Although this is so, instructions should still be followed to promote proper healing.

What to Expect After the Procedure

After your Prolieve treatment, it is expected for the prostate to shrink, promoting improvement in urine flow and other symptoms of BPH. In fact, patients may already return to their normal activities immediately after completing the treatment. After thermodilation, 82% of patients can return home without a catheter. Moreover, 99% of treated patients do not have any erectile dysfunction or problems in ejaculation after thermodilation.

What to Do After the Procedure

After the treatment, it is important for men to notify their doctor immediately of any pain or bleeding. It is also crucial to keep the doctor aware of any signs of urinary infection or any problems in urination. Although a patient may already return to their daily activities right after treatment, the patient should allow a few days to fully recover from the procedure by taking extra care of oneself.

Experience the wonders of the newest and most effective minimally invasive BPH treatment available. Call us today at 972-403-5425 to book an appointment with one of our urologists here at Collin County Urology. 

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