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What Smoking Does to Your Urologic System

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The dangers of smoking have been evident for many years and have been a catalyst for millions of people to quit a habit that could cost them their life. Still, we continue to see far too many smoking-related diseases in Learn more »

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A Man’s Guide to Urinary Incontinence

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Urinary incontinence isn’t something that most men expect to encounter as a natural part of their aging process. Women are three-times more likely to experience the accidental leakage of urine, that’s true. However, the Urology Care Foundation also estimates that Learn more »

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BPH and Prostate Cancer: How to Differentiate

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The way that we have learned to assess our health is by recognizing symptoms. When we have no symptoms, we can feel pretty good about our general health. When symptoms occur, there is a natural drive to want to understand Learn more »

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Prostate Cancer: Why Young Men Should Take Note

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Prostate cancer has historically been perceived as somewhat of an “old man’s disease.” For decades, statistics did nothing to disprove this theory; supporting it with data suggesting that prostate cancer may more likely occur after the age of 65. A Learn more »

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Surgery for Erectile Dysfunction: A Look at Penile Implants

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Men who struggle with erectile dysfunction lose a lot more than immediate gratification regarding sexual confidence. This issue is an important health matter for men as well as their partners. The widespread use of Viagra and other ED medications is Learn more »

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That Elevated PSA may not be What You Think

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One of the routine aspects of a general health exam for men of a certain age is the PSA blood test. This screening assesses a man’s immediate risk for prostate cancer by measuring the amount of prostate-specific antigen that is Learn more »

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How to Be Kinder to Your Kidneys

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We don’t typically think about our kidneys, and this can be a good thing. Not having to think about these fist-sized organs means they are probably in good working order. The thing is, now is a great time to give Learn more »

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Testicular Self-Exam Holds Value for Treatment Success

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Testicular cancer is considered a relatively rare form of the disease. That being said, it is the most common form to occur in men aged 15 to 34. With nearly 10,000 new diagnoses occurring each year, and more than 350 Learn more »

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Painful Bladder? What You Need to Know about Interstitial Cystisis

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Interstitial Cystitis is a condition that affects approximately 4 million Americans. This chronic or recurring condition primarily occurs in women. It is not the same as a urinary tract infection in that interstitial cystitis cannot be treated with antibiotics. The Learn more »

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Are you Questioning your Sex Drive?

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Libido. Our drive for sex is something that we may perpetually question. Not only are we all different, but every single one of us also changes with time. Certain life events or stages of life may send our libido into Learn more »

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