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Why is there Blood in my Urine?

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To use the bathroom and notice bright red fluid can be incredibly alarming. This can be especially so if you cannot come up with a good reason for seeing blood in your urine (and who really can?). We imagine that, Learn more »

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Is Low Testosterone Affecting your Quality of Life?

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Testosterone has not historically been a looming topic of discussion around dinner tables, or even in doctor’s offices. Only recently has science made substantial headway in understanding the vital role of this and other hormones in the body. While this Learn more »

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Fostering a Healthy Body through Optimal Nutrition

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Men and women are vastly different on several levels, right down to their dietary needs. What is on a man’s plate will affect how well he thinks, how well he feels, and how well he performs in life. Due to Learn more »

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Thinking Vasectomy? Let’s Debunk some Myths!

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The vasectomy procedure is one of the most common to be performed by experienced urologists like Dr. Wierschem and Dr. Hegde. What is interesting, when you consider the reality of this procedure, is that only 9 percent of men in Learn more »

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It’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Month! What do you know about your Prostate?

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The prostate gland is quite small. However, it fulfills an important role in the male body; production of the fluid that holds semen. If a something goes awry within the prostate, a man is very likely to experience symptoms of Learn more »

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Urinary Incontinence, it can Affect Men, too!

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Urinary incontinence has long been perceived as an issue of the female reproductive system. Women carry babies for months on end, and give birth. These factors alone make the introductory assumption seem logical. So if a man notices that a Learn more »

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Low T? These hidden Culprits may Surprise you!

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Back in the 80’s many men may have had longer hair, but most of them had higher testosterone than today’s man. According to research, average testosterone level of the average male is 25% lower than their mullet-haired, hard-rocking brothers, uncles, Learn more »

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Tips for Keeping your Prostate in Tip-Top Shape

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The prostate performs an important function in male health: fertility. It is in the prostate where semen is produced. In recent years, we have gained an extensive amount of information regarding prostate health, the risks for prostate cancer, some alarming Learn more »

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Bladder Problems? Eat This, Not That!

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Urge incontinence can be a big problem, causing you to have a sudden, intense sensation that you need to urinate. Sometimes, incontinence may actually occur, with a small (hopefully) amount of urine “let loose.” In treating urge incontinence, lifestyle modifications Learn more »

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Could ED and Infertility Issues Really be a Cardiovascular Issue?

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The body is a complex structure in which various cells, muscles, vessels, and organs must work in harmony to achieve the end goal: optimal health. When a problem arises in one area, it is not uncommon by any means to Learn more »

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